Services & Costs

Our Mantra: We offer the best comprehensive treatment options for all your mental health needs.

We offer a variety of services (including Skype Consultations)

Whether it be a one off consultation to formulate a management plan for your general practitioner to follow or a more in depth comprehensive series of appointments involving both psychologist and psychiatric input, we are happy to see you at our dedicated clinic in St Heliers.

1. Depression and Anxiety

Research has shown that approximately 95% of people will respond to a combined psychological and medical approach. Our clinic specialises in depression, anxiety and alcohol use disorders and we will work with you to formulate a management plan that will offer you the best treatment.

2. Skype Consutations

In recognition of the growing interest in telepsychiatry, Simon can offer Skype consultations for initial appointments and follow up appointments.

3. Maladaptive Coping Strategies

Modern life is stressful as there are constant competing demands for our time and our attention. We all have our own coping strategies for when things get stressful and sometimes these can be destructive to our physical health, realtionships or jobs. We specialise in helping people cope effectively with difficulties they face and we can help you to work on reducing or changing any behaviours that may be causing you problems.

4. Urgent Court Reports

We are finding increasing demand for urgent court reports and this is an area that we can help you with should you require.

Simon is able to offer urgent appointments (within 48 hours) and uses a transcription service that offers overnight typing. This means that you can have a draft report within 72 hours of referral (and often quicker than this).

5. Supervision

All of our therapists offer professional supervision to fellow clinicians who require supervision as part of their continuing professional development.

6. Costs

For psychiatric appointments: $420 per hour (inc GST) for an initial consultation. A follow up appointment is $210 for 30 minutes and a medication review appointment is $105 for 15 minutes. After each appointment you will receive a copy of the letter that will be sent to your general practitioner which details your history as well as the management plan that we have agreed upon. This allows you to present this letter to any medical practitioner who will understand your problems and the management plan that we are following.

We provide GST receipts should you need to claim for insurance purposes.

We may charge a cancellation fee for appointments that are cancelled within 24 hours of their scheduled time.